1st CfP documents updated! (13 July 2023)


The updates of the 1st CfP documentation are available as of 13 July 2023! Please note that the nature of the updates is technical, check here for more details.

The corrigendum of the 1st Call for Proposals documents was approved by the MA on 13 July 2023. 

The nature of the updates is technical. Please find below the list of changes:

HUSRB VI-A 1st CfP Annex I - Declarations by the applicants
-    1.3 (General stipulations) – Roles of institutions changed regarding GDPR regulation.
-    3 (Declaration on VAT status) – Added that recoverable VAT is not eligible in case a project is concerned by state aid.

HUSRB VI-A 1st CfP Guidelines for applicants
-    11.3 (Approval of data management / Privacy policy) – Roles of institutions changed regarding GDPR regulation (same as in Annex I).

HUSRB VI-A 1st CfP Annex III - Eligibility of Expenditures
-    3.1 (Staff costs) – Following sentence is deleted as it is not a must to have external project management: „It means that the above flat rate percentages shall in every case cover both internal and external project management costs.”
-    3.1 (Staff costs) – Requirements on declaration to be submitted for Partner reports are changed, demanding that the Partner organisation must have at least one employee.

The full Application package in ZIP format has also been updated.


If you are already in the process of creating your Applicaton, please replace / update your Annex I. From 13 July 2023, these documents are considered as official and acceptable in your applications.
The updated files are available at the Downloads subpage, under the 1ST CALL FOR PROPOSALS - THE APPLICATION PACKAGE article.