1st CfP Quality Assessment completed!


Breaking news: We have completed the quality assessment of the 1st Call for Proposals! Decision-making process is on its way. The notification to the Lead applicants about the final decisions is expected during the month of March 2024. Stay tuned.

Our assessors have completed their assessment tasks, the JS have thoroughly dealt with data collection and preparation of statistical data about the 1st Call for Proposals. According to the point 12.3.2 of the present GfA, the JS prepares the list of applications recommended for financing ranked according to their scores and a list of applications not recommended for financing and presents them both at the MC meeting in order to facilitate the MC decision on selection. The MC meeting is in preparation phase these days, with a tentative date in late February 2024, meaning that the notification to the Lead applicants of projects who qualified for the quality assessment is expected after the MC decision becomes valid and meeting minutes accepted, in the month of March 2024. 

Should you need further information related to the evaluation process, please consult the GfA document available on our website or contact the Joint Secretariat in writing at
Thank you for co-operation.