A new Programme, a new website, a new perspective.


Hello, and welcome. We are proud to present you our new website, which will act as a ground and starting point of all communication processes of the Interreg VI-A IPA Hungary – Serbia 2021 – 2027 programme.

Our aim is to keep all the necessary data in one place, transparent and available during the whole programming period. The major website chapters include:

1.       broad information about the Programme and programming rules,

2.       information about the Call for Proposals (CfP), eligibility and how to apply with project ideas,

3.       partner search options,

4.       presentation of the projects contracted within the CfPs, when contracted,

5.       News and event updates, Programme bodies contacts and more.


Our other online channels/tools and availabilities are focused on two social networks so far, Facebook and LinkedIn. They will serve as a quick-reach tools towards the targeted audiences, and a tools for permanent networking. First updates are expected soon.


Our Facebook page: 
Our LinkedIn page:  


In this first news-post, we would officially  like to thank our website developers for their ideas, nice work and patience. Thank you Concord Solutions