We are looking for an IVY volunteer!


Starting from August in a duration of 4 months, the IVY volunteer will support our Programme to foster and encourage the harmonious cross-border development of the region. This position is opened in Budapest.

Our Programme is proud to joint the Interreg Volunteer Youth family!

The Joint Secretariat of Interreg VI-A IPA Hungary - Serbia Programme is looking for an IVY volunteer! The volunteer will support the Interreg Programme “IPA Hungary - Serbia", that aims to foster and encourage the harmonious cross-border development of the region, by co-financing great ideas by organizations from the Programme's territory. This position is opened in Budapest starting from Aufust 2024, in a duration of 4 months!

The volunteer will be carrying out some of the following activities and tasks: promote the contracted projects, summarize and share updates to stakeholders and (potential) project partners; draft and send newsletters, organize webinars;
document project progress, milestones, and outcomes; compile success stories, capture photos, or record video testimonials; provide new innovative ideas for the programme's existing communication platforms; create draft content with JS' supervision for the porgamme's online platforms; conduct and process surveys, interviews, or focus group discussions and draw statistical summaries, supporting the consultation on the future of Interreg; raise awareness about the projects goals, impact, and importance; create awareness campaigns or events; and more...

The AEBR support for the volunteer comes in terms of:
(1) Finances - Every volunteer receives a stipend to cover expenses for food and accommodation. The amount provided allows them to live in similar conditions as the local population where they are volunteering, and ranges from 23 to 39 EUR per day;
(2) Insurance - IVY volunteers are fully covered with health, liability and accident insurance. AEBR arranges the policies for you for the entire duration of the experience.
(3) Contribution to travel costs - Travel costs to relocate are covered by AEBR, based on lump sums according to the distance between the host organisation and your place of residence. The sum is allocated depending on the distance in km.

If interested, you can learn more and apply here: IVY Position in Budapest just opened!